The Wheels On The Robot.

The fly wheel on the robot was working a day ago but now one side of it is having technical dificulties. The wheel is turning the opposite direction that it is supposed to be turning. Ashley tried looking at it and now Ben is taking a try at fixing it. Nate is working on our fusion this class.

Nearing the Finish Line

Today we are working on the finishing touches on the robot. We are fixing minor issues, and tightening collars, wheels, and standoffs. Our main goal of today was to get a good portion of the autonomous code done. Nate has been working hard on it.

"Everything is coming together"- Nate

We are really coming together now thankfully. The arms are able to hold up a good amount of weight without falling. The fly wheel is going to be attached next class after ashley checks to make sure it is good. We are going to start autonomous prep soon.

Almost there

The chassis is almost done. We can already tell everything is significantly sturdier! We should be done by the end of the day. Once we are totally stable we will have to move on to tightening the fly wheel. Nate is also getting fusion started.

after thanksgiving

We are taking apart the chassis. The plan is to redo it and make it sturdier. Everything on the robot is shaking which is creating a huge problem. Hopefully it will be rebuilt within the next two classes.

Short Week, Long Day

This is a two day week! We are all excited for the Thanksgiving break. But this does not mean there is no work to be done. Nate has been here since 5th period and is staying till 1:30, I have been here since 10:30 and am staying late, and Ben arrived the same time as me. We have restarted our chassis to increase stability and are working hard to get to a challenge ready robot. 


Oh No!

Nate is not here and the code is messed up. Ben and I (Rachel) are trying to figure out how to fix it. Each button on the remote is doing the wrong things. Ashley is working on her auto cad certification work for today.

Our Balls Ready (-Nate)

The shooter is working! We tested it today and the shooter can get all of the flags. We are now attaching the arm to get the caps. We are working towards the last challenge that we failed to do.

Getting 'er done

The robot is getting done! "We are nearing completion" said Ben Malka. Nate put the cortex onto the bot. He got the tack to pull up a ball, but its still needing help. He is now working on attaching the battery.

Half way there

We are very close to being ready for whatever comes next. Ashley isn't always with us anymore because she has to work on her auto cad certification. We worked on putting the tank tread on the robot and moving the motor connected so it doesn't have issues with the arm we will be connecting


Today we are working on fixing our shooter. We have had some minor problems, but we have fixed most of them. At first our shooter was too tight but now we have loosened it. Ben is perfecting out arm so it doesn't shake anymore. We should be ready for the next challenge.