The Robot

The Last First

Well today marks the last day of our first quarter, with everyone finishing up their robots and making sure their grades are nice and green (maybe even at least yellow). Ashley and Rachel have been running through the robot's performance while Nate finishes up the virtual model. This also marks the last first quarter of high school for Godzilla, considering that we're all seniors.
Here's to 3 more quarters.


Well, we finally finished the arm, which is perfectly equipped for our challenge now. Nate did some clean up on the robot, meaning he tightened everything and organized the positions of some things. Also there are absolutely no more motors (at least ones that work), gears, or axles, so we are currently up for zero performance failures in those departments.

It's Morphin' Time, But Really Late

So Mr. Martin has suggested for us to create a design for our robot that would be compatible for both challenges. So far we have created designs that would get switched out, depending on the challenge. Therefore we have experienced quite an inconvenience for ourselves, having to manually alternate between mechanisms. Although, an even bigger inconvenience would be completely redesigning the mechanisms and trying to combine them into one, which is what we have to do now. Also we're behind a challenge, so that is another factor to consider.

Rip, Fix, Print, and maybe "Tworkue"

So Nate and Rachel did some work on Sergio's robot today. Meaning they stripped it of its parts with great pleasure. We also did some fixing on the claw as well as add more torque. Nate also wanted to 3D print a mouth piece for a saxophone, which he'll be using afterwards.
In other news, Nate has twin siblings. They're still in the hospital though.

Not The Only Thing Thrusting

Nate has twin siblings. So supports were added to the arm, as well as the two motors necessary for an excellent lift. Nate has twin siblings. We'll be on track for the challenge if everything goes according to sequence, since we already completed the coding and mechanism. Nate has twin siblings. Then maybe after lifting those caps, we can finally get to shooting some ballz. Nate has twin siblings.

Four Pincer Thrust

Further progress on the arm has steadily continued. We have devised a unique design, perfect for lifting up caps and transporting them to our advantage. Although Nate has described his method of obtaining these caps as "stabbing". We shall stab the caps, and thrust. Stab and thrust. He calls it. . .
The Four Pincer Thrust
Also our battery isn't working properly. But at least the coding is done 👍

Through The Packs Like A Track Meet

The wings are equipped and we're ready for soaring. Or maybe zooming. . .and the wings are the fly wheels. . .so we'll be zooming. And that's because Nate has completely enhanced the velocity of the wheel motors, and now we are really zooming; probably at the speed of a cat. Although the speed is excellent, we do need to provide a smooth climb for our robot when it drives up the platforms. That has been a *trip*

The Ballista

The fly wheel has been faced with an opponent. A challenger with a force so strong and robust, as to deliver the ball into the air with a pertinent exertion. It is a competitor that has been introduced to each member of every team, and has been introduced as "The Ballista". The simplicity in design and the brevity in size it exhibits is what might make our recently attached fly wheel. . .a little nervous.
But Nate expressed his refusal in removing it, so no hasty ejections will be performed.
Unless of course he changes his mind. . .


The next step in our little organized fiasco is to begin erecting a functioning arm. We'll use a basic claw to attach at the end of it, which should suffice for the basic capability of lifting those nice caps in the arena. Just a few more baby steps. . .and we might just make an actual baby.

Who Said It Was Skip Day?

It's the next day, and we still haven't found out what the problem with the back right motor is. We're hoping that it's not some disability we are unaware of, because that would be due to our own negligence for our little buddy here. Nate has also been modifying the chassis and coding any motors that are already functioning properly.
Each individual team in class also received a $50 budget to order any vex parts and accessories online, which is really nice. I think we ordered a license plate. . .

"Oh It's Not The Motor"

Our robot (which I think has a name, and I should probably know) has been subjected under the process of coding and programming. Unfortunately some problems have been encountered involving the right back wheel. Nate has personally confirmed that it is not the motor causing this inconvenience. I say personally as he doesn't know the real reason why it's not working...
Further research will be cONduCTeD on this matter